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The federation of the Russian martial art IZVOR invites to a practical International seminar in the city of Riga. Time of holding seminar 02 - 03.07. 2016.
Dear friends the seminar will take place only in that case if we gather enough participants. 03.06.2016. it will be known finally if the seminar doesn't take place because of the organizer (we don't take participants), pledge comes back completely!!! Remember - whether depends on each of us this action will take place!

The Federation of Russian Hand to Hand Combat “Izvor” invites you to participate in a Practical International Seminar in Riga, Latvia.
The seminar will take place on June 02-03.07.2016. IZVOR Riga Camp 2016 seminar teacher Mikhail Grudev. We are planning to conduct this Seminar as an event of great magnitude, and so the training will take place in a variety of settings: on the Baltic Sea beach, in the forest, in the open field, sport complex and other spots. It will allow us to not only maximally utilize the terrain and the particulars of each setting for the training process, but also maximize the enjoyment from the active rest and the beautiful nature of Latvia while hanging out with a large friendly crew of like-minded people. We already have pre-registrations for the seminar from Holland, England, Germany, America, Russia and Bulgaria. You can be looking forward not just simply to interesting and productive training, but also live communication with people from many different countries which will allow you to gain new contacts and friendships. The organizers are very carefully preparing for this seminar. You will have a unique opportunity to work with several instructors from “Izvor” Federation. You will be provided with assistance for housing, as well as transportation to the seminar locations and meals. The instructors are fluent in English language, so there is no problem with a language barrier. The organizers are also planning a training practice in the waters of the Baltic Sea, so be prepared for water procedures. .

The program of the seminar includes:

  • • Striking technique
    • Grappling technique
    • Defense against armed opponents
    • Fighting against multiple opponents
    • Utilizing makeshift weapons
    • Philological preparation for combat

Having responded to a question that we want at a seminar, I collected and I coordinated with Mikhail a subject work with the weapon.
The principles of possession by improvised subjects as the weapon and self-defense which are completely similar to possession of a cold weapon will be studied. The prepared person doesn't have a big difference, a knife fighting or kitchen, and another cuts that... or pricks.
Important not only what subject at you in hands and as your body owns a subject... if learned to own subjects of use or improvised subjects, especially you will be able to work with the weapon.
At a seminar we will work: knife, screw-driver, gun, stick, stone, probably belt...
In return I can report that at us on a place is: baseball bat, sapper shovel, axe, katana... and at desire we will sort any our questions.

The methods of teaching are based upon the system of principals of martial art “Izvor”. You can pre-register for the seminar by pre-paying 30 Euro to the account:
p/k: 170570-14667
the purpose of payment to specify - IZVOR.

The total cost of the seminar is 120 Euro.

All the organizational questions are welcome and could be send to::

you can call: + (371) 29437766

Federation administration "IZVOR". Mikhail Grudev.

Participants reserve hotel! We recommend to lodge in this hotel: "Besthotel"
It to be in a quiet place, the good prices, convenient location. It will be convenient to us to reach places of a foresight of a seminar together! (It is the recommendation.)
We recommend to reserve hotel in advance! ! !

Friends the seminar in Riga will be not only for instructors, come and do not be afraid, a seminar for people of any level. We will well be trained, we will well have a rest, we will well communicate! We will arrange themselves an unforgettable holiday!

Photo from a seminar of last year IZVOR Riga Camp 2014 :
Day 1 , Day 2 , Day 3 , Day 4

IZVOR Riga Camp Video 2014: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Photo from a seminar of 2013:

Day 1 , Day 2 , Day 3 , Day 4

Welcome Russian martial art IZVOR seminar Riga 20-24.06.2015.

I will open a few plans about the program in free time which certainly depends on our desires.
Certainly to take a walk in the old city, to eat in "LIDO" and more than once, to take a walk in Jurmala (the resort town about Riga) I think though we will arrange 1 day of a seminar there on the seashore! To sit in the evening at a fire, to fry sausages, to make English tea, to talk on different subjects, interesting people will gather!
Certainly with 23 on 24 there will be Ligo's holiday, in the city it will be interesting at night.
And other activities, I have a rich (mad) imagination! :-)

Seminar program!
Certainly we will be flexible, but the general plan such:
01 ~ evening a dinner, communication, walk across Riga.
02 ~ 10 from hotel we go on training. In the evening a dinner, communication, walk across Jurmala.
03 ~ 10 from hotel we go on training. In the evening a dinner, communication, walk across Riga.

Rob Phone: +371 29437766, e-mail:

9/11, Gimnastikas Street,
Riga, LV-1004, Latvia
+371 67 623 820
+371 67 621 425
+371 67 312 561
+371 28 306 345





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