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Самооборона Рукопашный Бой Выживание Self-Defense

Seminars and training RMA Combat, Self-defence, martial arts, fighting and survival in Riga, Latvia.

RMA Russian Martial Art IZVOR Sports camp, course 2018 instructor: Rob
Instructor from the IZVOR School, head instructor of the Russian martial arts in Europe School in Riga, head instructor of the KRB Club, instructor of the Security and police training center T.S.A.
Date: Sports camps in June - August 2018.

The price of the seminars depends on the number of days and the program of the course.
Accommodation: Camping in tents.
Topic: An effective system of self-defence base on the principles of the Russian martial arts (Hand-to-hand Fight).

Goal: We will hold a seminar in a positive, friendly atmosphere so that everyone will be armed with the knowledge and exercises that allow students to develop independently their fighting skills and ability to defend themselves.

Program: Personal security, fighting in various situations and environments, on the street, in a room (limited space), on a stairs, use of a doorway when attacked by several attackers and fighting in water. We will also be learning self-defence from a knife, a stick, other weapons, the use of improvised weapons for self-defence.

There will be sessions on surviving situations in the city, mountains, how to carry out rescue operations in a fire, flood, etc. Modelling of various situations and the ways to solve the tasks, using the principles of RMA.

Punching technique - definition of a punch, striking from any position, developing speed, combining strikes into a series of blows, punching in a fight from any distance.
The principles of movement - How to move and fall safely.
Development of the reflexes needed for self-defence - Preparatory exercises and their application in realistic situations. Techniques and principles of wrestling and striking in various situations.
The principles of self-defence from a group.
Principles of self-defence: knife, gun, stick, belt.
Principles of safe falling and use of a wall (or any support).
"Special preparation" - Instant attack and neutralisation of the opponent using efficient movements and tactics.
Psychological preparation - Before and during the conflict. How to escort family and friends in dangerous situations.

All studied material is taught by the principles of the Russian martial art RMA.

Equipment needed for the seminar: Boxing and MMA gloves, a rubber or wooden knife, a belt with a buckle, a jacket. It is also desirable that students have soft elbow and knee pads.

Suitable for men and women of age of 14 years or above. Lessons will suite any level of physical preparation. The seminar is aimed at all levels of both students and instructors. Don’t be worried this is a seminar for people of all levels.

You will be well trained, have plenty of time for rest, and socialising around the camp fire. You will have an unforgettable holiday and training experience. There will be plenty of time to answer any questions and to arrange training specific to your goals.

Please reserve your space on this exciting event early so that transport to the venue and other logistics can be arranged.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and spread the word. This will be unlike any other camp you have attended. :-)

Send all organizational questions to the address:
or by phone:

Video from a seminar venue:

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Training for Self-defense and fighting in Riga, Latvia! Self-defense, martial arts, survival, the real street fight! Your safety - in your hands! Self-defense, martial arts and security School.

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